The Brink

We’re on the brink of something great!

The Brink





We were recently asked by The Brink, Liverpool’s first dry bar and restaurant – to help them with their security needs. 

A truly inspirational concept, The Brink is a revolutionary venue that’s so much more than your usual café bar. They’ve taken alcohol out of the mix to provide a truly welcoming, creative and intelligent space where people from all backgrounds and walks of life can dine, hang out, socialise and relax.

In need of a way to protect their property when it was closed and with concerns that a standard alarm wouldn’t be sufficient they enrolled the skills of OSS to advise on the best solution.


Approach & Impact:

The Brink project saw a disused garage transformed into a vibrant bar, restaurant and performance space. Best of all, The Brink is a recovery social enterprise, which means that all their profits go directly back into the community to fund support for those who have suffered through alcoholism and addiction.

OSS stepped up to the mark and provided a monitored alarm system to protect the cause while it’s closed. We installed a system that enables us to notify the owners and the police if an intruder is detected. The next generation system can also be monitored using a mobile app.