Fazenda - Nationwide

Flavourful Experience at Fazenda

Fazenda, Nationwide


For years, OSS Security had been pursuing the opportunity to collaborate with the esteemed Fazenda group of restaurants nationwide. The breakthrough came through a phone call with the CEO, who sought OSS Security’s expertise in enhancing security for their new establishment in London. This initial engagement paved the way for a broader partnership, extending across Fazenda sites in Leeds, Liverpool, and Edinburgh. The challenge was clear: to implement comprehensive security solutions that aligned with Fazenda’s commitment to creating safe and enjoyable dining experiences.

Approach & Impact:

OSS conducted a thorough assessment of Fazenda’s new London location. Recognising the need for a consistent and robust security infrastructure across multiple sites, OSS Security proposed and subsequently implemented monitored intruder alarms, door access systems, and an extensive CCTV network. This holistic approach aimed to safeguard Fazenda’s assets, patrons, and staff, ensuring a secure environment while preserving the unique ambiance of each restaurant.

The installation of monitored intruder alarms provided real-time alerting and deterring potential threats. Door access systems were strategically deployed to control and monitor access points, enhancing operational control and restricting unauthorised entry.

Fazenda Group’s commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences is now complemented by a robust security foundation, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of patrons and staff alike. This case study exemplifies OSS Security’s persistence in pursuing client partnerships, as well as its ability to tailor comprehensive security solutions to meet the unique needs of a diverse and dynamic business like the Fazenda.