Doctor Duncan's - LIverpool

New life breathed into one of Liverpool’s favourite venues...

Doctor Duncan’s, Liverpool



Doctor Duncan’s is named after William Henry Duncan, the UK’s first Medical Health Officer. Duncan was born and raised in Liverpool before attending Edinburgh University where he qualified as a medical doctor. After moving back to his hometown Doctor Duncan was appointed as Medical Health Officer on 1 st January 1847, the first of this type of Senior Government role in Britain.

This beautiful pub, dates back to 1901, built to house Pearl Insurance and is well known for its elaborately tiled interior. Now, in honour of its namesake, it houses an authentic Victorian pharmacy cabinet.

Approach & Impact:

New life breathed into one of Liverpool’s favourite venues, following a £250,000 renovation by Mikhail Hotel and Leisure Group in time for August Bank Holiday weekend.

Our experts surveyed the space and installed a leading monitored intruder alarm system. Cheers!