COVID-19 UPDATE (last update 24/03/20)



Due to the current uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus, we are regularly monitoring the situation, anticipating what disruption we may encounter, should there be either an enforced lockdown period, or should multiple staff members become absent due to infection.

Our operational resilience

We have robust contingency plans in place to deal with potential disruption as a result of the coronavirus outbreak and we have implemented the necessary steps to maintain good customer service throughout this period. Specifically:


We have been liaising and will continue to, with our customers who have or need to have essential service call outs or maintenance call outs at their premises.

• Where we can, remote dial ups into your system will be carried out.

• All non “essential installations” have been cancelled as the health and well being of our staff is imperative.

• All
“essential” service call are still being carried out. Our relevant telephone numbers and service emails are in use as per normal.

• Our monitoring stations will continue to operate whether an enforced lockdown is to happen or not as they have back up offices and staff etc.

• We have successfully implemented remote working to enable access to our IT systems for key staff.

• A new VOIP phone system is due to be installed which will allow our inbound OSS calls to be answered anywhere. In the meantime we have the ability to divert phone lines to nominated mobile devices before the new system is implemented. This gives us the flexibility to temporarily relocate staff if necessary.

• In the event that the UK Government recommends office closures, we are ready to respond in a manner which will not significantly disrupt our ability to continue to service our customers.

In the event that you are unable to get through to the office please use the link below. This will be supported by a designated mailbox which will be monitored and actioned, albeit there may be a delay in forwarding any required information etc. Alternatively, you can still contact us using the relevant numbers, out of hours as per your Welcome Pack document, that was given to you when your system was handed over.

[email protected]

OSS Security


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