Clarks Shoes - Nationwide

Enhancing Retail Security for Clarks Stores Nationwide

Clarks Shoes, Nationwide (Franchise partner: Tonks Shoes Ltd)



Clarks retail stores, a franchise operated by Tonks Shoes Ltd, faced a critical challenge in ensuring the security of their 12 store locations nationwide. Dissatisfied with the services provided by a previous security company, Clarks sought a reliable partner to safeguard their valuable assets and create a secure environment for both staff and customers. The introduction came through our sister company, Firesec, highlighting the significance of integrated security solutions.

Approach & Impact:

OSS Security, with over 40 years of experience in pioneering security solutions, undertook a comprehensive approach to address Clarks’ security concerns. The initial phase involved a meticulous store survey to identify vulnerabilities and tailor a robust security plan. OSS Security implemented monitored CCTV systems in store car parks, providing real-time surveillance to deter potential threats.

Taking over the maintenance of monitored intruder alarms, OSS Security ensured seamless operation and responsiveness. This not only enhanced the overall security infrastructure but also instilled confidence in Clarks’ management. The implementation of sophisticated and intuitive security devices showcased OSS Security’s commitment to providing effective and reliable solutions.

The impact was visible, across the 12 store locations, with Clarks experiencing a newfound sense of security. OSS Security’s dedication to delivering advanced security solutions that empower clients to focus on their core business activities, knowing their assets are well-protected.