Your business is your most valuable asset. So safeguard it with the most advanced, reliable CCTV system from OSS Security.

Keep all eyes on your premises, whether you’re recording on site or being monitored off site, minimise the risk of intrusion with optimum recording capability and round-the-clock monitoring.

So, regardless of the incident or intruder, our cameras will capture the footage and keep you informed and able to act fast.

To top it all - you can now monitor and control everything from your very own app on your mobile or tablet device.



Running a larger commercial unit or business park? Relax. Our CCTV cameras and strategically placed detectors are linked to a Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC), so you can pinpoint petty criminals from 3 or 300 miles away.


Our RVRC capabilities include access to expertly trained operators, who can deliver 24 hour monitoring and issue verbal warnings via on-site horn speakers. Research has shown this to deter over 90% of incidents. And for the remaining 10%, operators can alert the emergency services and key holders too.


We’ve been designing and installing Monitored CCTV systems for over 30 years. Our established heritage and track record of delivering intuitive, trusted security solutions is something you can depend on when deterring intruders and protecting your assets.

Record any person

Record every person that enters your premises

Production lines

Record production lines in factories

Visual verification

Remotely monitor a commercial site when you’re not on the premises 24/7

Remotely monitor

Remotely monitor a commercial site off site 24 hours a day

Monitor and protect

Monitor and protect
stock levels

View live pictures

View live pictures from home or anywhere, globally