When a keyhole judgment just won’t cut it, remove the guesswork and invest in an ultra-secure keypad system or card entry system.

By only allowing authorised people into your business, you minimise the risk of threat and theft and create a safe, automated, efficient access point. Our Door Access Systems give you total control over who enters and leaves your building.

Secure by numbers with a highly effective keypad/reader or biometric door access system all controlled by a PC based system.



Need next level protection?


We can grant you that – with card-entry units that enable access with one quick swipe. Typically, our customers find card-entry Door Access Systems to be more secure, since they require people to physically own a card or fob.


When one door shuts, another opens. And often that door’s a new opportunity. That opportunity for us is IP Proximity & Biometric Systems – the next generation of Door Access Systems.


Discover this easy-to-integrate Door Access System and equip your business with a new level of security. Record arrivals and departures for payroll purposes, find out where people are in an emergency scenario or track who went where and for how long for investigative purposes.


Door Access Systems capabilities at a glance:

Control people access

Control access and movement in offices and factories

Screen access

Screen access to high value retail outlets


Secure residential apartments

Track movements

Track movements of staff and visitors within your premises

Control car access

Control access to car parks, operating barriers or gates

Verify visitors

Verify visitors visually and audibly