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Elevating Arcadis Office Security

Arcadis, Nationwide


Arcadis, a global design, engineering, and management consultancy business, embarked on transforming its new office on Birmingham’s prestigious Colmore Row. The goal was to align the space with Arcadis’ hybrid working policy and people-oriented culture, all while delivering an on-brand experience that seamlessly integrated local elements. OSS Security, in collaboration with Claremont, was tasked with ensuring the security infrastructure complemented the innovative design and supported the diverse needs of Arcadis’ growing team.

Approach & Impact:

OSS Security, leveraging its partnership with Claremont, adopted a nimble approach to providing tailored security solutions. Door access systems were strategically installed to cater to the varied preferences and working styles of Arcadis’ workforce. The integration of advanced technology ensured a secure yet flexible environment, aligning with the smart building concept that defined the office design.

The collaboration between OSS Security and Claremont resulted in a secure, technologically advanced, and aesthetically pleasing office space that perfectly suited Arcadis’ hybrid and flexible working needs. The door access systems, initially installed in one location, exceeded expectations, prompting Arcadis to engage OSS Security in upgrading security across multiple sites nationwide.

Arcadis’ new office on Colmore Row stands not only as a testament to innovative design and architectural prowess but also as a showcase of seamlessly integrated security solutions. The project not only met but exceeded Arcadis’ expectations, contributing to the creation of one of the best smart buildings in the city. This success underscores OSS Security’s commitment to delivering tailored and effective security solutions that enhance the overall workplace experience for its clients.